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Developing the Brakes - page 1

The brakes consist of the following components:
Brake Pad, Attaching Post, Cross Post, Lever, Pivot, Pivot Post. They are installed on different angles for the front and rear and the left and right sides are mirror images of each other. For simplicity we will begin with the components and do the assembly in a few of stages

As we have been doing for the past few months we will build the brakes on a different page than the bike. This greatly speeds up the redraws etc. The brake pads consist of two parts; a plate and the pad. Create a rounded rectangle 2.25 inches wide by 0.625 high with a corner radius dimension of 32. Duplicate and rotate 17 degrees. Pick up the original and rotate it 33 degrees.
Convert both of these objects to isometric front views by applying the following from the Transform Docker. 86.6 horizontal scale and a -30.00 degree vertical skew. Convert to curves and fill with white. Rotate both objects -120.00 degrees


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