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Creating the Controls - page 1

Once again work on the creation phase on the page set aside for that activity or, if your system is slowing down on a completely new drawing. The left and right brake and shifter (derailleur) controls are a single assembly and most are off axis projections. They will be made up from mirror image extrusions of a number of primitive shapes. Rather than build them progressively we will construct most of the shapes first, then proceed to the extrusion/rendering phase. All of these objects will sit on the “top/side” axis.

Creating Object 1

The lowest shape in the stack is a cylinder measuring 1.25 inches in diameter. Create a circle with that diameter. Duplicate the circle and convert the copy to an ellipse by applying a 65 percent vertical stretch using the Property Bar. Convert to curves, fill with white and set the result off to the side.

Creating Object 2

Use the original circle as a reference to create the primitive shape shown. Use the trim and weld commands to modify the shape. Combine (Ctrl+L) both parts together and apply a horizontal mirror to a duplicate of the shape.


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