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How Fast is Tech Drawing Tools?

This website provides the latest in computer techniques for producing technical illustrations. Our learning section is an invaluable free resource to the technical illustrating community. Should you choose to purchase our software you can increase your productivity significantly. 
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How fast is our  Software? 
The illustration on the left was produced in ...16.43 seconds!
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Learning to Draw Isometrics tdtlogos.jpg (2661 bytes) Tech Drawing Tools
All the tools a pro needs. Very competitively priced at $249.95
CorelDRAW Add-in's
Symbol Libraries
Isometric Tools
bit7.jpg (2140 bytes) Isometric Tools
Our "Best Buy" tools. Priced at $249.95
Tips and Tricks
ddbut.jpg (1941 bytes) Symbol Libraries
Individual libraries as low as $9.95. Collections from $79.95
Our learning section contains complete instruction on the development of isometric illustrations using CorelDRAW. The processes explained will allow you to create highly complex illustrations, very quickly, without expensive CAD software.
Click on the bike for an enlarged version.
Do Tech Drawing Tools, Corel, and Flash coexist peacefully? 
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The Challenge
Since 1996 we have made the following challenge: “We will race any software developer to prove that our solution is the fastest and most cost effective Isometric drawing program. Click here if you are interested in racing:  Any Time Baby!
Free Stuff!
Free download IsoEval for CorelDRAW 7.0 Free download IsoEval for CorelDRAW 8.0 Free download IsoEval for CorelDRAW 9.0 Free download Symbol

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