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Working Efficiently 3 - page 4
To work efficiently you should use all of the tools available. Positioning the body on the base can be time consuming guess work or quick if you use the proper procedures. Select the base and separate and ungroup it. Select the "extra" ellipse and shift click select the top of the base and align (Ctrl+A) horizontally and vertically centered.
Select the body near the center of the bottom (there is a node there that will snap) and drag it until it snaps into place on the ellipse. Delete the ellipse by switching to Wireframe view and deleting. Switch back to normal view. Choose the step below that applies to your software.
Users of IsoEval should use symbol 151 from the "An Isometric Evaluation Library" and modify that symbol. We will go ahead and create the object two different ways to show how it would be done without the proper tools.


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