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Drawing Gears - page 1

I have read numerous "How to draw a gear in CorelDRAW" articles over the past few years. This month I will take the procedures I like the best and apply them to creating three types of isometric gears. I’ll cover the: Spur, Bevel, and Helical gears. There is a bit of trial and error involved in these steps. You can avoid the unnecessary effort by purchasing our Tech Drawing Tools which contains a tool that creates the radial arrays essential for this type of object creation.

Engineering drawing of a 48 tooth spur gear.
Begin the gear by drawing 2 perfect circles (Ellipse tool+Ctrl). The outside circle represents the diameter at the inside of the teeth and should be about 2 inches in diameter. The smallest is the diameter of the center hole. Align both circles (Ctrl+A) horizontally and vertically.


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