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Welding in CorelDRAW - page 7
Engineering drawing of an angle.
Draw a vertical rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (F6) that is about 0.145 inch wide by 0.5 inch high. Use the Transform Roll-Up to apply a 90 degree rotation to a duplicate of the rectangle and stretch the length to about 1.3 inches long. Move it into the position shown making sure the corners overlap slightly. Duplicate (Ctrl+D) the vertical rectangle and move it to the next position. Duplicate the horizontal rectangle and shrink the horizontal dimension to about 0.3 inch and move into the last position. Select all objects by marquee selecting with the Pick Tool and apply a weld.
Now bevel the corners by: Draw a perfect square by choosing the Rectangle Tool (F6) and constrain (Ctrl). Size and align the square to achieve the result shown by the blue outline. Node Edit (F10) as follows: a. Move the top and bottom nodes as shown using the constrain (Ctrl) key. b. Delete the extra node on the long side. c. add a node to the inside bottom line. d. Move the remaining node up as shown again using the constrain (Ctrl) key. Repeat this procedure for the remaining welded areas. Delete the square when done.


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