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Tech Drawing Tools is all about money. The total cost for full versions of Tech Drawing Tools and CorelDRAW are a fraction of the price of competing products. Comparison to workstation level applications reveals even more significant savings. Experienced technical illustrators who have a working knowledge of CorelDRAW can be producing illustrations within a few hours. Within a week they can be more productive than they could be with CAD. Within a month they should be producing illustrations with a 25% improvement in efficiency over other methods.

How can this be true? At Invotech we determined that we could capitalize on CorelDRAW’s productivity, power and precision to produce an add-in that would make CorelDRAW a truly powerful technical illustration program. Since CorelDRAW is a mainstream drawing application, its development cost is spread over a huge base providing significant savings. Our cost revolved around adding into the core application the features technical illustrators need. Since part of our business is producing tech art, we had developed significant parts of Tech Drawing Tools - as a normal business function. Further savings are realized through the adoption of processes explained in our User Guides.

Aggressive Pricing:
We want Tech Drawing Tools to become a dominant force in the technical publications' community. In establishing our price we used a policy of providing exceptional value rather than a short term gain. Since many users of our other illustration productivity products are freelance illustrators and writers we made every effort to hold down the costs. Our upgrade pricing is equally aggressive, providing long term savings in the cost of ownership.
Gone are the days when one file format was acceptable. CorelDRAW 7, when combined with Tech Drawing Tools features let you convert illustrations into almost any format used today. Publish your art to: paper, multimedia, the web, CALS, etc. without blinking an eye or having to purchase export filters or other programs. Learn one program and save. Color technical illustration is here now. Rendering and color separations are a snap with the combined product. Tech Drawing Tools  pictorial symbol libraries are closed shapes that are easily rendered.
Training and Support:
We provide complete training options should your needs exceed that provided by our User Guides and here in the Lessons section of the Isometrics wed site. Call (516) 744-8693 to discuss your training needs or for Technical Support.

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