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The Challenge
Since 1996 we have made the following challenge: “We will race any software developer to prove that our solution is the fastest and most cost effective Isometric drawing program”. 
Four years and NO takers! Before you consider buying another product ask them why they won't take our challenge.
E-mail their reply to us.
The rules:
We begin with paper engineering drawings of a complex mechanical assembly containing at least100 items. The first to complete an acceptable exploded view of the assembly wins. Both the winner and loser agree to post and link the results on the home page of their website for two years. Click on the following if you are interested in racing: 
Any Time Baby!


Beginning in 1994 the CorelDRAW suite had accumulated a feature set that held the promise of becoming a significant technical drawing application. While Corel did not choose to develop the program along those lines, they did allow developers to begin to tinker with the feature set to build those capabilities. Below are a brief description of our tools:

Symbol Libraries
Back in the old days illustrators used templates to speed and improve their work. Imagine having nearly 5,000 meticulously drawn and brilliantly organized isometric and other components just a “Drag and Drop” away. Priced from $9.95 for each library with VERY significant discounts for our collections. Sound too good to be true? 
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Isometric Tools
CorelDRAW can’t draw an ellipse! With our Isometric Tools that function and 32 others are a click away. In seconds you can create complex isometric extrusions. Priced at $89.95. Sound too good to be true? 
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Version 7, 8, 9
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Tech Drawing Tools
Here it is – The package for every serious technical illustrator. If you do this stuff for money this is what you need. Imagine automating 64 drawing functions. Plus, get our entire Symbol Library Collection. All for less than the cost of CorelDRAW. Priced at $249.95. 
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