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Working Efficiently 3 - page 6
Engineering drawing of a distribution manifold.
Continuing with breaking an object down to simple parts you should note that: there is a cylindrical body, two identical boat shaped protrusions and all of the holes are the same size.
To construct the cylinder, choose the ellipse tool and constrain (Ctrl) drag to 1.25 inches. Repeat for a 0.25 inch circle. Duplicate the 0.25 inch circle and set it off to the side for later use. Use the property bar to correct the size of all ellipses. Marquee select both ellipses and align (Ctrl+A) horizontally and vertically centered. Convert both ellipses to curves (Ctrl+Q) and change them to isometric ellipses by using the hot keys Ctrl+Alt+E.
To give depth to the cylinder select the larger ellipse, fill with white and get the Extrude Roll-up and apply the following: Back Parallel, VP Locked to Object, Vanishing Point Horizontal 0.00 and since the cylinder is to be 2.25 inches deep Vertical 2.25 inch, from Object Center. Marquee select both of the ellipses and go to the Transform Roll-up and apply a 120 degree rotation.


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