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Drawing the computer unit - page 3

Step 06

Marquee select everything and create a front view by applying the following transformations:

Using the Transform Menu or Roll-up or Docker apply an "86.6% Horizontal Scale and then a -30.0 degree Vertical Skew."


Step 07

Apply a –120-degree rotation to the front faces.

Step 08

Apply the following extrusion depths:
Front Panel (large rectangle) 1 inch, back parallel, 0 horizontal offset.
Main Case (large rectangle) 16 inches, back parallel, 0 horizontal offset.
Color Panel (blue object) .4 inch, back parallel, 0 horizontal offset.
Copy the Front panel, reduce it slightly and apply the “cutout shadow” objects color of C=0, M=5, Y=15, and K=15. Move it back and down slightly.
Move the main case down and send it to the back.

Note the modifications to the color panel.

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