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Creating Extrusions - page 2
Save the angle for a later exercise. Use the Transform Roll-Up to convert this object into an isometric view by applying a "Vertical Skew -30 degrees". Since the Extrude Tool will be used to apply the depth to the angle it should be rotated into a top view before applying the extrusion. Use the Transform Roll-Up to apply two 120 degree rotations to the angle.
Use the Extrude Tool (Ctrl+E) to apply an extrusion with the following settings: back parallel, VP locked to object, object center, Horizontal 0, Vertical -3.5. If the result is too deep or shallow adjust the vertical dimension until it looks right. Complete the angle apply one more 120 degree rotation using the Transform Roll-Up.
To render: Apply uniform fills as follows: Top = C5, M2; Front = C10, M5, K50; Side = C10, M5, K25.


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