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Creating Extrusions - page 7
To center along an isometric axis - Turn on Snap to Objects and draw a straight line [shown as the dark line] along the lower right surface. With the Pick Tool select the reduced object and (Shift+Click) the line and Align (Ctrl+A) Horizontal and Vertical. Use the Trim command from the Shape Roll-Up to remove the overlapping section. Delete the line and the trimming object.
Use the Extrude Tool (Ctrl+E) to apply an extrusions to each object with the following settings: back parallel, VP locked to object, object center, Horizontal 0, Vertical -1.0. If the result is too deep or shallow adjust the vertical dimension until it looks right.
To render: Apply uniform fills as follows: Top = C5, M2; Front = C10, M5, K50; Side = C10, M5, K25.


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